Microsoft Authenticode Signing Certificate
Code Signing Basics

What is Microsoft Authenticode Certificates?

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Microsoft Authenticode is your utmost necessity for the software program that you are developing or using. It is key to building consumer confidence that induces confidence in using a particular software program. Microsoft Authenticode is a digital signature of your code. It is an assurance that the code of the program is not altered or maliciously denied by anyone.

Using the Microsoft Authenticode Certificates, you can digitally sign *.exe, *.cab, *.dll, *.ocx, etc. Signing a code using Authenticode will ensure that the point of origin of the software program is trustworthy.

Why do you need Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificates?

In today’s technologically driven world there are several types of cyber threats that keep cropping up, therefore authenticating your code with Microsoft Authenticode is not only important but also a best practice to follow. Several downloads and installations of various software packages and applications are taking place every day, what if your software code is not encrypted and susceptible to hacking?

Microsoft Authenticode Certificates provide a safe and secure way of publishing and consuming software applications. Using Microsoft Authenticode Certificates, you can digitally sign executables and scripts to safeguard your code. This ensures code safety and provides consumers’ confidence that their systems and security are not compromised. Authenticate your executables using Microsoft Authenticode Certificates, users must be assured that the software is secured and from a trusted source.

Code Signing Certificates provide code authentication using digital signatures and hash functions. The digital signature is used by program developers while the hash function ascertains that the product is safe to use.

Who can help?

There are Microsoft partners who provide an extended validation (EV) code signing certificates and authorize Kernel Mode Code Signing, this is as required for the Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate Program. You can purchase EV from one of the following certificate authorities:

  • Comodo CA
  • Sectigo CA
  • DigiCert EV CA
  • Symantec CA

You can review partners and their plans, opt for the one that suits your requirement. You can choose from various security options, such as cloud-based code signing, role-based authentication, audit logs, and so on. Each feature and service addition provides an extra security layer to your software applications and services. Plans can range from personal to business certificates with varying features. Microsoft Authenticode Certificates partners support multiple certificates for every account. When the certificates expire, they help you get a new certificate and upload a new file signed with your new digital certificate.

Standard and EV Code Signing Certificates

Standard and extended validation code signing certificates are similar or different from each other in the following ways:

  • Standard certificates only display the organization’s name. EV certificates, in addition to the organization name, also display the address and type of the organization.
  • Both the certificates authenticate software programs and remove the Unknown Publisher warning.
  • Timestamping is allowed for both the types of certificates.
  • You can sign many software programs using the standard or EV certificate.

Benefits of Authenticode Certificates

So, how does Microsoft Authenticode Certificates help?

  • Add value to your brand
  • Enhance the trust factor among your client base
  • Provides your customer’s confidence in your software applications
  • Increase the reach of your product
  • Saves your application from getting attacked or sabotaged by hackers

Authenticate your code from a trusted source today, so that you do not have to worry about tomorrow.

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