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Where Do I Get Free Code Signing Certificate?

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Let’s understand that Free Code Signing Certificate is possible from trusted CAs

Okay, let us face it that we are more attracted to things that are available for free. Well, just to set the course right, there is nothing available for free, especially in the tech domain. All free products and services have some catch, if not today then tomorrow you will be required to pay for more or improved services. Anything available for free is a gimmick.

So, there is nothing free, and software programs without a code signing certificate will raise credibility questions. Please beware of fraudsters telling you that you can get a code signing certificate for no cost. Recognized certificate authorities (CAs) are not selling code signing certificates for free.

Code Signing Certificate available at Low Cost

It is all not that bad, you can always procure code signing certificates at a reasonable cost from CAs or resellers. Buying at a low cost does not mean that your software program’s safety and authenticity is compromised. Since the code signing certificates are purchased in large quantities by vendors, they have the flexibility of offering these at lower rates. The discounts offered can be sometimes as high as 60 percent.

Buy from Trusted CAs

While you cannot buy for free, you can always compare the various code signing certificate plans offered by CAs before reaching a decision. Buy from CA whose plan suits your requirement, you can always choose from a range of cost-effective code signing certificates at offers. It is strongly recommended to buy a cost-effective certificate than choosing to host your programs and services without any authentication. CAs, such as Comodo CA have code signing certificate plans which are extremely affordable.

Issuing Code Signing Certificates – CAs are Pivotal

There is a cost involved in issuing and signing off code signing certificates, for this very reason these cannot be offered for free. The certificates are issued by recognized CAs that are trusted, it is based on their authentication that all widely used internet browsers and operating systems trust your programs and services.

CAs cannot provide code signing certificates for free because there is a huge cost that goes into issuing code signing certificates. Highly strict procedures are put in place by CAs to ensure that the code signing certificates are issued to only genuine applicants. It is CAs reputations that are at stake.

Setting up Authentication Procedures

Sheer authentication cost and responsibility to maintain trustworthiness is a capital-intensive process for CAs. The certificates issuance process is manual. Verification of physical address, phone numbers are performed, CAs also verify your firm’s availability in governmental databases.

There is so much at stake, including CAs reputation, the level of detail, and rigorous verification they conduct is only to ascertain that your business is trustworthy and reliable. Each CA has to build a network of officials who help them with verification and authentication. All this and more makes it impossible for CAs to provide certificates for free.

After investing in developing your programs and services, you cannot compromise on security aspects while publishing, selling, or hosting. Please note that the code signing certificate is issued after a fairly detailed verification by CAs, it is a three-party handshake between your customers, you, and the OS or hosting platform used by you.

A code signing certificate is a wall of protection that enables users to trust what is being offered to them is safe to consume. Therefore, there is a huge importance of the code signing certificates. CAs are assuring your users on your behalf, at a nominal cost, that it is safe to use the program.

Price Range

For these very reasons, there are not free code signing certificates. The certificates can range anything between $70 to $700, depending on CA, features, and plan you choose. Code signing certificates are not available to free of cost but you can surely do the following checks by yourself to ensure that you get the best deal:

  • Discuss within your business community
  • Compare plans and features offered by all reputed CAs
  • See what works best for your product
  • Analyze the performance and reviews provided for each of the CAs

Last but not the least, do not believe in rumors that code signing certificates are also available for free.

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