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Add Trust In Your Software With The Best Code Signing Certificate.

DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate Digicert EV Code Signing

DigiCert Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate comes with extensive vetting process and hardware security in addition to all the advantages of a standard code signing certificate. This will ensure that all your products- executable programs, applications, and device drivers will remain secure, thus building your organization's reputation and boots client confidence. This will provide users with a frictionless experience during the download process. 

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What Makes DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate Unique?

Low Price

When compared to similar EV code signing certificates available in the market, DigiCert EV offers more features. Double-Certificate service is an exclusive one offered by DigiCert. That means you are getting two certificates for the price of one. Getting a Microsoft recommended EV code signing certificate at a low price is a total steal. 

Time Stamp

The timestamp which is done along with the digital signature process will ensure that Signature will not expire even though the certificate may expire someday. It means that your product remains authorized even when the certificate expires. 

24X7 Support

DigiCert with its award-winning customer support team is available 24X7 without any time delays or long queues. All our team members are highly professional and experienced. 

HSM Support

This EV code signing certificate can be installed in HSM or Hardware Security Modules. Any individual with authorized access to the HSM can easily use the stored certificate. This will you more control over the certificates and private keys in your organization. 

Why DigiCert for EV Code Signing Certificate is the Best Valued Code Signing Certificate?

Widely Supported

DigiCert EV code signing certificate is compatible with almost all major browsers and anti-virus programs. It can digitally sign 32-bit and 64-bit user-mode including .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi, and .xap files etc  and kernel-mode software. It is also supported by all Windows Dev Center hardware dashboard services. It is required for LSA and UEFI file signing services. 

  • Microsoft Authenticode®
  • Microsoft Office & Microsoft VBA
  • Adobe® AIR®
  • Java®
  • Mozilla® Objects 

Two Factor Authentication

Here the private key will be stored in an external physical device, that is in an encrypted token stored in a USB device. Thus, if anyone needs access into the original code they need to go through a two-factor authentication process. This will and in maintaining the integrity and authenticity of your product. 

Microsoft SmartScreen Instant Reputation

If you have signed your company's products- applications, executable programs and device drivers with DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate, Microsoft will extent a great deal of trust. You can easily filter even through one of the most difficult filters, the Microsoft SmartScreen filter in Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 9+. It is also recommended by Microsoft in Windows hardware Dev Center.

Extensive Validation Authentication

The strict and extensive vetting process is one of the top features of DigiCert extensive validation code signing certificate. During the application process, you have to submit all information related to the publisher’s organization name, physical address, jurisdiction, etc and all these details are verified before issuing the EV code signing certificate.

Working of DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate

The working of a DigiCert EV code signing certificate can be explained in two steps: the process of signing the code and the process of verifying the code. 

Digicert CodeSign Process

The figure above shows the code signing process. At first, the original code is hashed using a hash function. This will ensure that it won't be altered or tampered with in the future. 

This hashed code is encrypted using a private key that is stored externally in a hardware token. Using this private key a  digital sign and a timestamp are added to the software. This will help to maintain the authenticity and integrity of the code.

Now your product is ready for download.

Digicert Code Signing Verifying Process

Before downloading, the code is verified to make sure that it is not altered. Here, first, the signed code is decrypted to get the original code. At the same time, a new digested code is formed using a hash function in the signed code. These two are compared to ensure the authenticity and if it's a match all ready to download, with protected integrity. Thus building customer confidence. 

Best Features in Cheap Price - DigiCert EV Signing Certificate

Digicert Extensive Validation code signing certificate comes with two-layer benefits - that of standard code signing certificate and EV code signing certificate. Plus features like two-factor authentication and SmartScreen filter reputation. All these features at the price of a single code signing certificate. 

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