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Software Publisher Certificates

Add Trust In Your Software With The Best Code Signing Certificate.

Software Publisher Certificates

Software Publisher Certificate, in short SPC, allows the software publishing organizations to digitally sign their products. This digital certificate will ensure that the authenticity and integrity of the certificate will remain intact protecting the publisher’s reputation and also building customer or end-user trust.  It will also protect the publisher’s software and its user free from any kind of malicious attack. 

SPC is also known as a code signing certificate or a software signing certificate. Software Publisher Certificate is usually used in cases involving ‘software’ since not all code can be considered as software. 

Secure Your Software and Their Digital Assets at Reliable Prices

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Who Provide Software Publisher Certificate?

Software Publisher Certificate can be purchased from a trusted certificate authority like DigiCert, Sectigo, Comodo, Symantec, etc. Always remember that no certificate authorities (CAs) will provide you with a free SPC or a free trial period. There exist many compliance constraints and economic incentives to prevent it. So, if ever come across any fraudulent offers like this don’t fall for it.

Reasons For Software Publishers To Go For Software Publisher Certificate

If you are a software publishing company, it is highly recommended to use a Software Publisher Certificate. Why? Let’s see in detail. 

  1. Protects Publisher Reputation

If an end-user try to download or install a code that is not certified the browser and anti-virus programs will show a warning sign or a notification foreseeing the chance of that software being altered by cyber attackers. This will make the user in losing trust in both your software product and organization. By using a software publishing certificate the warning sign will be eliminated thereby building user confidence. 

  1. Allows End-user to Verify the Publisher

If you are using a software publishing certificate, the digital sign will include all the details about the publishing organization. This will help the end-user in ensuring that they are downloading or installing the software from a publisher whom they can trust. 

  1. Protects the Integrity of Software

Since software publishing certificates aid in protecting, the original software code from being altered by cyber attackers or hackers using features like the private key. Even if the software is somehow tampered using malicious codes, the installation process will be blocked. This way you can identify whether your product is altered or not. 

  1. Protects the End-user

Using software publishing certificates not only protects your organization’s reputation and code, but it also ensures the security of the end-user or customer. Since certified software is free of malicious codes, the end-user does not have to worry about any virus attacks or cyber-attacks. 

How a Software Publisher Certificate Works?

So, now we have understood what is a Software Publisher Certificate, from where it can be obtained and why it should be used, let us discuss how it works.

How a Software Publisher Certificate Works

The figure above represents the working of Software Publisher Certificates.

When you create an executable software file use a software publishing certificate and a signing utility to digitally sign it. The digital signature will be signed by the trusted certificate authority from where you have purchased the certificate. At the same time, the file is also hashed using a hash function, thus generating a unique hash value. Each hash value is a numeric value of a fixed length that helps in uniquely identifying the data. This hash key is encrypted using a private key.

Now the software is ready to be downloaded or installed by the customer or end-user. When they start to install your software, their system will automatically verify all the details related to your identity from the digital signature provided. The user can view the publisher’s name, which will aid in your organization’s reputation.

Also, the integrity of the code is tested. For this, the browser will ensure that the hash value of the is not changed by comparing it with the hash value of the original code. It there is a change it means that the software is likely been altered by a malicious program, thus giving warning to the end-user. If the hash value in both ends is the same, the browse will not show any warning sign and the user can download the software with any worries.

Cheap Affordable Software Publisher Certificates

Software Publisher Certificates gives you the publisher and the software more security and also adds to its value. In this competitive world, it is important for a software publishing committee to yield customer trust. Software Publisher Certificate can ensure that at an affordable cost.

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