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Add Trust In Your Software With The Best Code Signing Certificate.

Microsoft Authenticode Signing Certificate Cheap Authenticode Signing Certificate

Microsoft Authenticode Signing Certificate helps organizations and end-users in assuring the authenticity and integrity of the code that is running on the internet or being downloaded. It is basically a digital identification for signing code for Windows programs. It will protect your original code from altered or tampered by cyber attackers or hackers, thus building customer trust.

This Authenticode code signing certificate can be obtained as a  code signing certificate or Software Publishing Certificate - standard code signing or E V code signing, from a certification authority such as DigiCert, Sectigo, Comodo, etc.  Unlike other SSL/TLS which are available in free versions, you must pay for getting Authenticode signing certificates.

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Key Benefits of Microsoft Authenticode Signing Certificate

Let’s see some of the key benefits of the Microsoft Authenticode Signing Certificate in detail.

Asserts Publisher Identity

With Microsoft Authenticode Signing Certificate, you don’t need any other document to prove your publisher’s identity to the users, since the certificate contains all the details of authorization. This will protect and build a reputation for your brand name.

Ensure software Integrity

Authenticode will ensure that your product can’t be modified by any attackers or hackers through malicious programs. Thus the software/application/executable program will remain unaltered so that that the users need not worry about any security issues when they download it.

User Trust

Microsoft Authenticode Signing Certificate will eliminate the warning signs appearing in the browser when the end-user tried to download your products. Instead, it will assure them that the product is safe to download and install. This builds customer trust and loyalty.


Since it has the time-stamping feature the signature will not expire even after the certificate expires. Thus it will remain authorized even after the expiry period.

Widely Supported

Microsoft Authenticode Signing Certificate  is supported in almost all major platforms including:

  • MS Authenticode
  • Adobe AIR
  • Apple
  • Mozilla & Netscape Objects
  • Macros & VBA
  • Java

Also, it can be installed in HSM (Hardware Security Modules). This will help in gaining more control on the certificates and private keys in your organization.

Cheap Price

You can sign an unlimited number of applications using the Microsoft Authenticode Signing Certificate. Even though it is a Microsoft-specific signing technology, it is available at a low price.

How Microsoft Authenticode Signing Certificate Works?

Authenticode uses various cryptographic techniques to keep the publisher’s reputation protected through identity verification and the end-user to verify the integrity of the code. Let’s see them in detail.

Identity Verification Process

As we already have seen, you have to obtain a signing certificate from certificate authorities (CA). These publicly trusted CA’s will verify the identity of the applying organization so that I could confirm the source and owner of the original software, applications, device drivers or the executable programs. For that, you have to provide documents related to business registration, address, contact number, and other essential details.

This identification process will benefit you by providing the publisher’s identity while the user is trying to download or install your product. For example, usually, when end-users try to download software, device drivers, applications, or executable programs without a code signing certificate, the browser or the OS  display the publisher’s name as “Unknown” or a security warning.

This can be avoided by using a code signing certificate. Then the browser or OS will show the publisher’s name and the warning message will be eliminated.

Integrity Assurance

When you finish the final version of your software or any other product Authenticode will allow you to put a digital signature on the entire original code.  Along with the digital signature of the publisher, it will also use a hash function to get a hash file. Each hash value is unique. Thus the hash value will change even if a slightest change occurs in your product. If an attacker alters your original code, the browser or OS will detect that the software or executable program has been tampered with, and warning messages will be shown to the end-users.

Using Authenticode code signing does not change or modify the executable part of a driver, software, application or executable program. Thus you don’t have to worry about the core code being altered. Also, while buying code signing certificates select Microsoft Authenticode as the certificate type so that the provider generates the certificate in the appropriate format.

This way Authenticode will allow the end-users to secure their systems fro malicious programs by verifying the identity of the software publisher. Thus building customer confidence resulting in publisher reputation.

The Microsoft Authenticode Signing Certificate at Affordable Prices

In the present times, it is a basic requirement for standard software or any executable programs or applications or device drivers to have a Microsoft Authenticode Signing certificate. Now get this signing technology at lowest rates.

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