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Add Trust In Your Software With The Best Code Signing Certificate.

Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate Sectigo EV Code Signing

Let’s Incorporate Your Business Name with EV Code Signing

Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate aids software/application development companies and publishers to assert maximum publisher identity. That is, it helps to make their products more reliable and trustworthy to the potential customers or users. For this, Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate performs a comprehensive validation. This code signing entails extensive vetting of the publisher by following CA/Brower forum guidelines. It is the best way to sign your scripts and executables. This will aid downloads from being flagged by browsers and antivirus programs.

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Top features of Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate

Sectigo Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate with its unique features is one of the best EV code signing certificates available today. Take a look at some of the top features.

  • Unique e-signature that digitally signs the product software.
  • It has the timestamp to keep the digital signatures valid.
  • It requires an organization to undergo an extensive validation process to get an extended validation certificate. This ensures maximum identity.
  • Guards the authenticity and integrity of the software.
  • It comes with an external Private Key stored in a hardware token.
  • The original code is hashed so that it will notify if any altering or modifying occurs.
  • Makes sure there are no flash browser warnings and antivirus notifications, while the user attempts to download the product software or application.

Why Sectigo EV Code Signing?

Nowadays there is a wide range of standard signing certificates available in the market. So, why should we look for Sectigo Extended Validation Code Signing certificates? There are 3 main reasons:

1. Solves the Microsoft SmartScreen filter

It is the only standard signing certificate that can provide a reputation with the Microsoft SmartScreen filter. This filter acts as a barrier of entry into the software industry for years. This means using Sectigo EV Code signing certificates, Microsoft will extend a greater deal of trust to your organization.

2. Prestored private key security:

Santiago EV Code Signing is the future of code signing. It comes with private keys that come pre-stored on a physical hardware token. This makes key security physical other than being network-based. Thus preventing any unauthorized use.

3. Cheap EV Code Signing:

An affordable code signing certificate trusted certification authorities. It comes with flexible certificate options that fit a wide range of applications.

Key Benefits of Sectigo EV Code Signing

Using Sectigo EV Code Signing certificates comes with a lot of advantages. Let’s see in detail.

1. Easy to use and widely supported

Sectigo EV Code Signalling is easy to work with. Also, it can sign on almost all platformsincluding:

  • Windows 8
  • Any Microsoft format (32- and 64-bit) .exe, .ocx, .msi, .cab, .dll
  • Kernel Software
  • Adobe AIR
  • Java
  • Mozilla
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Silverlight

To apply and download this certificate use Firefox.

2. User Trust

These days the number of cyberattacks is increasing day by day. Users are looking for more safe and secure software/applications. So, if your product doesn’t have an EV code signing certificate, there is a chance that the browser engine may show a warning while downloading it. This can affect the reliability of the product. That's why it is usually recommended to use the Sectigo EV Code Signing certificate. It will help to build a sense of trust among the users.

3. Reputation building

By using the Sectigo EV Code Signing certificate, your product will be trustworthy in all major platforms and browsers. Above all, it can even solve the Microsoft SmartScreen filter, which is a very difficult filter to gain reputation with.

4. Safety

Here the private key is stored in external hardware. That means, that only a copy of the key is stored in the physical system. This will prevent any unauthorized access or certificate abuse.

How Sectigo EV Code Signing Works?

Now you have got an idea about the key features and benefits of the Sectigo EV Code Signing certificate. So, let’s see how it works.

How Sectigo EV Code Signing Work

Usually, after creating the software the original software code is hashed. This will make the code more secure. That is no attackers or hackers can alter or tamper with it.

This hash code is encrypted using a private key that is stored externally in a hardware token. Only a copy of the key will be physically located on the device. This prevents any kind of unauthorized access.

Using this private key a digital sign and a timestamp are added to the software during this process. Basically a digital signature is a kind of electronic signature. It uses encryption to validate the authenticity and integrity of the code. Sectigo EV Code Signing certificates affix 2048-bit digital signatures. It meets all the industry and legal regulations.

Now, software or application can be made available for being downloaded by the user. The publisher can assure the user that your product can be downloaded or used without any security issues.

Best Value at Cheap Price

Software/ application development companies and publishers put a lot of effort and capital into developing new and innovative products. Then why not spend some extra cost for a code signing certificate for building instant trust and reliability? Go for the unparalleled features and benefits of the Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate. Get the best service for the best price.

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