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Add Trust In Your Software With The Best Code Signing Certificate.

Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Most commercial developers and publishers, distributing software over the Internet, have to worry about it being compromised by hackers, who add malicious code to it, having end customers as their target. Using Comodo Code Signing certificates is a good way to fix this problem. A Code Signing certificate is used to digitally sign programs, applications and other kinds of software, to serve as an authentication for end users. Thanks to the Code Signing certificate, users can be sure they are downloading the original version of a software product from the publisher named on the certificate, which hasn't been altered by anyone in any way.

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Code Signing certificate basically works as a digital signature for your software, protecting end users, and your reputation, from hackers and other malefactors. If the software is altered by a third party in any way, the Code Signing certificate will be broken and the operating system will alert user that installing this piece of software may not be safe. This makes Code Signing certificates a simple, cheap and effective way to ensure your software is not used to infect users with viruses and other kinds of malicious code.

Main Features. What makes the Comodo Code Signing Certificate so great?

  • Protects software publisher’s reputation, allowing customers to confirm they are downloading a program from a trusted source.
  • Supports Microsoft 32-bit/64-bit .exe, .ocx, .dll, .cab files and kernel mode software.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Authenticode, Adobe Air, Java, MS Office Macro and VBA, Mozilla object files, Microsoft Silverlight applications and XAF files.
  • Supports mobile platforms such as Android, Windows Mobile and iOS.
  • Allows users to identify real authors of the software and contact them directly with questions or complaints.
  • Protects your code from unauthorized interference.
  • Can be used both by companies (organizations) and individuals.
  • 24/7 email support.

Why to choose Comodo Code Signing Certificate?

Comodo Code Signing Certificate is perfect for software developers and publishers thanks to more affordable, compared to competing products, price, wide compatibility and rich number of features. Easily applied, it allows your users to be sure the software they are downloading really belongs to you and wasn’t damaged or changed by anyone. Comodo Digital Code Signing Certificates are compatible with most modern software platforms and usually come with loyalty benefits and discounted prices for those who buy a certificate for more than one year.

Main Features. What makes the Comodo Code Signing Certificate so great?

1. Improves customer confidence

When downloading a software, protected by Code Signing Certificate, customers know they will get a genuine version from the developer, not infected by any malicious code or cracked.

2. Confirms software ownership

Comodo Code or Software Signing Certificate allows you to make sure no one will steal your code or question your ownership rights.

3. Maintains software accountability

Nowadays most browsers do not accept action commands from downloaded code unless it is signed by a certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority.

4. Improves software downloads

Users are more keen to download your software, knowing it is protected by a reputable Code Signing Certificate, with increasing downloads as the result.

5. Creates a trusted sales/distribution outlet

Customers are more likely to use your website to purchase software they need, knowing every product is secure and safe thanks to Comodo Code Signing Certificate.

6. Windows compatible

Comodo Digital Code Signing Certificate supports Windows 8 and Windows 10, which are the most popular operating systems worldwide.

How Comodo Code Signing Certificate Works?

A Code Signing Certificate digitally signs code with 32-bit or 64-bit portable executables (.exe, .ocx, .dll, .cab files and kernel mode software), also creating digital signatures with a public-key algorithm.

Let’s look at the technology behind the Code Signing or Software Signing Certificate. How does it work exactly?

The way Comodo Code Signing Certificate works is quite similar to SSL/TLS Certificate work principle. Hash function and digital sign are the key pieces of this technology.

Hash function is used to hash the original code. In cryptography, hash functions are designed to take a string of any length as input and produce a fixed-length hash value. Therefore they are used to assure integrity and authentication. Then, hashed code gets encrypted with a private key, and the product gets an e-sign with a unique digital signature. So a signed and encrypted hash code is downloaded by users. When executed, the user's browser will check the digital signature of the product and authenticate it, informing the user this code is original and safe.

Comodo Code Signing Certificate - cheap and reliable

Comodo Code Signing Certificate allows you to make sure customers know when they are receiving genuine software and not buying pirated versions. Software runs smoothly and is considered safe by the operating system thanks to Comodo Code Signing Certificate, thus leading to a growing number of downloads.

Comodo Code Signing Certificate is the easiest and simplest way for customers to make sure they are downloading proper software that will not infect their computers with malicious code.

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