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Add Trust In Your Software With The Best Code Signing Certificate.

Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate Comodo Code Signing

Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate helps software/application development companies to sign to their products with 100% confidence, thereby building your reputation among customers. Nowadays browsers and antivirus programs ensure high security to help users from cyberattacks or hacking. This means you will need an advanced code signing certificate to assure maximum identity to get through these top browser filters and programs.

So, with the aid of the Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate, that can provide you with maximum publisher identity with intensive vetting and with an extra layer of cybersecurity from two-factor authentication.

The Best EV Code Signing Certificate At The Cheapest Price

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Top Features of Comodo Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate

Here we are going to list out the top features of the Comodo Extended Validation Code which makes it one of the best Code Signing Certificate in the market today.

  • This code signing certificate asserts the maximum publisher identity.
  • Digital signs software/application products for all major platforms.
  • 2048-bit RSA signature key is used.
  • In addition to that timestamping is also used to keep e-signatures valid
  • Preserves software integrity and authenticity.
  • Helps to boost Microsoft SmartScreen reputation.
  • Builds customers’ trust through enabling safe and secure downloading of software and applications.
  • Improved conversion rate assured.
  • Extensive Verification of the identity of the organization to ensure maximum identity.
  • It signed off the Comodo Certificate Authority roots
  • Valid up to 24 months

Why Choose Comodo EV Code Signing?

1. Builds Microsoft SmartScreen Filter Reputation

Comodo EV Code Signing provides identity assurance to the software or application development companies after undergoing an Extensive Validation process. This will help your product to avoid getting flagged by browser filters, especially the most skeptical ones in all- Microsoft SmartScreen. This particular filter gatekeeps over 20% of the total market. Through building a Microsoft SmartScreen reputation, your organization can build a good reputation in the industry.

2. Prestored Private Key

Usually, in standard code signing certificates, the private key is stored on the server. This increases the chances of unauthorized access. So, it is important to keep the private key secure in order to avoid the forging of your product. Here in Comodo EV Code Signing, the private key is pre-stored in an external hardware token. This ensures the safety of your code.

3. Low-Cost EV Code Signing:

With all the additional features like Microsoft SmartScreen filter reputation and external private key, Comodo EV Code Signing is one of the best code signing certificates available at the cheapest price in the market today.

Key Benefits of EV Comodo Code Signing

Comodo EV Code Signing certificates have numerous benefits too. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Compatibility

Comodo EV Code Signing is widely supported on almost all major platforms. The list includes:

  • Microsoft Authenticode
  • Microsoft Windows 8 & 10
  • Microsoft Office & VBA
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Adobe AIR
  • Java
  • Mozilla

2. High Encryption Strength

This EV code signing certificate comes with a 2,048-bit RSA signature key. This means that it will be ten times difficult for the attackers or hackers to duplicate your key and signature.

3. Fast and Extensive Validation Process

Comodo EV Code Signing certificates require an Extensive validation process to make sure that your organization is an active, registered, legitimate one. Most of this vetting process takes around 1 to 5 days. In some cases, it will take more time.

4. Customer Loyalty

Getting your software or application signed using Comodo EV Code Signing certificates means the browser will not flag your products. The browsers or antivirus programs will not show warning signs. The user or customer can download the product with trust and full confidence. Thus creating an array of loyal customers.

How Comodo EV Code Signing Works?

Comodo Extensive Validation Code Signing certificate assures maximum security and reputation to your software or application codes. How? Let’s see in detail.

The figure above represents the working of the Comodo Extensive Validation Code Signing certificate in the simplest way possible.

At first, when we create the software or application, the original software code is hashed using a hash function. This process will make the code more secure. No one can alter or tamper with it.

This hash code is then encrypted. For that, we use a private key. It is stored externally in a hardware token. This is done in order to prevent any kind of unauthorized access. There will be only a copy of the private key in the device.

Next, a digital sign and a timestamp are added to the software using this private key. A digital signature is basically a type of electronic signature. It uses encryption to validate the authenticity and integrity of the code. Comodo EV Code Signing certificates use 2048-bit RSA signature keys, meeting all industry and legal regulations.

That’s it. Now, software or application can be made available for being downloaded. Using Comodo EV Code Signing certificates you can assure the customers or users with confidence that your product can be downloaded or used without any security issues.

Best EV Code Signing For The Best Price

Code Signing certificates are important for building reputation and security for your software or applications. With best in the industry features and unconditional customer services, Comodo EV Code Signing certificates are one of the best out there. That too in the most affordable price.

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