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Add Trust In Your Software With The Best Code Signing Certificate.

DigiCert Code Signing Certificates Digicert Code Signing

DigiCert Code Signing Certificate is used for authenticating the source, thereby verifying the integrity of the software or application. It is one of the most trusted code signing certificates available today. Using this software/application, drivers development organizations can digitally sign their product, to ensure that that the original code is not tampered with. DigicertCode Signing Certificates also make sure that the end-users won’t receive a warning notification from the browser or the anti-virus program. It also builds confidence among end-users downloading the product. A DigiCert Code Signing Certificate contains a digital signature, company name, and a timestamp.

The Best Value and The Premium DigiCert Code Signing Certificate at Inexpensive Prices

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What Adds Value To A DigiCert Code Signing Certificate?

Cheap Price

DigiCert Code Signing Certificate offers you the most trusted and valued code signing certificates at an affordable price. You don’t have to compromise your product’s safety at a lower price.

Easy Installation

First of all DigiCert code signing offers you a simplified installation. With the help of the free  DigiCert tool for Windows, eliminate the various issues associated with CSR creation and SSL certificate while installation.

Widely Supported

DigiCert Code Signing certificates are supported in multi-platforms like

  • Sun Java
  • Microsoft Authenticode (files in 32- and 64-bit user-mode (.exe-, .cab-, .dll-, .ocx-, .msi-, .xpi-, and .xap files)
  • Microsoft® Office 2000
  • Microsoft VBA
  • Netscape Object Signing and Marimba Channel Signing
  • Silverlight 4 applications
  • Adobe Air
  • Apple Mac

Award-Winning Customer Support

DigiCert assures you 24X7 customer support from experienced and qualified technical support professionals, undoubtedly the best in the business. You don’t have to wait in a long queue for queries or complaints related to our code signing certificate.

Well-Trusted Manufacturer

DigiCert has a decade of experience in providing trusted SSL and Code Signing certificates. We also provide related supporting tools to some of the world’s big brands.

We offer extended NetSure Guarantee valid for up to 3 years. Also, there is a 30 days full money-back guarantee from the date of issue.

What Makes Digicert For Code Signing Certificate The Number One Choice For Software/Application Development Organisations?

Efficient Monitoring and Implementation

When a software or application code is signed using the DigiCert code signing certificate, it can be easily detected if the code is modified or altered. Thus the manufacturer will be notified in real-time if something like that takes place. It will have a Digicert seal that will ensure the user that the code is signed with a valid certificate even after it is expired.

User protection and User Trust

The Digicert code signing certificate ensures that the code is authentic and not tampered with, thereby protecting software/application product from theft and malware. This way the end-users can download code intact. Thus building customer loyalty.

Meets Partner Requirements

The partners or distributing channels want to protect their user’s data. Usually, a data safeguarding contract is signed between the software developing organization and the partners.  With the aid of DigiCert code signing certificate, you can full fill this through ensuring the product security.

Protects Your Reputation

DigiCert Code Signing Certificate asserts publisher identity. Since we are well trusted among all major browser and antivirus programs, there will be no flash warning message when the user tries to download and install your application/software product. This will not only ensure the safety of end-users but also builds the brand’s reputation.

How the DigiCert Code Signing Certificate Works?

Let’s see the working of DigiCert Code Signing Certificate in detail.

Code Signing Process

Digicert CodeSign Process

In a DigiCert Code Signing Certification process, first, the original code is hashed with a hash function so that no attacker or hacker can alter or tamper with it. Then the digested code created encrypted using a private key. After that, a unique digital signature is used to e-sign the software/ application. A timestamp is also added. Now it is ready for downloading or installing.

Verification Process

Digicert Code Signing Verifying Process

When an end-user tries to download or install your software or application,  the respective browser will check for a  digital signature. It will verify the signed certificate and the timestamp, thus authenticating the software.  It will also perform the same hash function by comparing the value that came with the program. These two results are verified,  if it is a match, the browser will inform the end-user that the product can be trusted. The user can download it with 100% confidence, thus building your reputation.

Affordable Code Signing Certificate

All these features in one code signing certificate, that too with the best price in the business. DigiCert Code Signing Certificate is the perfect option out there for software/application/drivers developing companies for securing their products and building user trust.

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